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Australia's population growth slows

Standstill: the new condition afflicting Australia's economy

Peak Coal?

A leading indicator for outbound international tourism

Peak beer in Australia

Par value for the Australian Dollar

Leading indicators for retail sales and household consumption

Strategies for lifting workforce participation in Australia

GDP nowcast for Australia

Australia's economy on the up?

Psychological indicators for retail sales and household consumption expenditure

The wisdom of ants

Consumers do NOT stop spending before federal elections

Economic scenarios for Australia in 2013

Potential first home buyers need clarity on interest rates

Progress Australia: are things improving?

How interest rates influence discretionary consumer spending

2012: Apocalypse or Anticlimax?

Julia Gillard is likely to be replaced as prime minister in 2012 - so says the wisdom of the masses

Black Swan Events

The Index of Consumer Sentiment is misleading: but there is a survey-based measure of consumer psychology which is strongly correlated with retail sales growth

STEEP Trends - the importance of scanning trends

Oracles of the heavens - how cycles of the moon and other heavenly bodies influence earthly events

How to anticipate the future

Retail Blues

The dismal track record of economic forecasting

The real Y2k bug

Australia's population outlook

Consumer house price expectations

Consumer asset class preferences

The importance of asset mix decisions

The future is blowing in the wind


Compiled by Charlie Nelson